Oregon Defense Dominates Cal…. Like They Have Done All Season, Give Em Props Dammit!! #QwackAttack #GoDucks

The Oregon defense is off the hook fuckerz, quit complaining they aren’t scoring 50 points!! Maybe they aren’t scoring 50, cuz the Defense isn’t gonna let them score but 10-20, no matter what.

Seriously, 49 points allowed over 5 games, with a loss in there! Less than 10 points allowed per game. Tie breaker owned over North foes Cal and Stanford already, and both Washington schools have 2 pac 12 losses! Hell, the whole North, but us and OSU have 2 pac 12 losses already! Quit freakin bitchin!

That is a big time inside track to the pac 12 title game folks…. jus sayin…

How ’bout, we let the defense dominate,, love them profusely for it, and have our offense continue to improve, peaking in bowl season… how bout we cheer for that?

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