Photographic Genealogy For My Children. Some Family From Their Maternal Side. #Jones #Mullins #Pruitt #Vercellotti #WhosYerGramma #WhosYerGrampa

Dug up some pictures of my wife’s ancestors, our kids Maternal ancestors… Thought I would share, not only as it is important to acknowledge and perhaps celebrate, where we come from, who got is to where we are.

Also, to see if anybody iut their suddenly realizes they actually might be related. Maybe someone who can help us find out about her maternal grandfathers family… we got nuthin so far…..

Great Grandfather Larry Arnold Jones-(?), Grand Uncle Larry Jones-Pruitt, and Great, Great, Great Grandfather Dewey Mullins-Woods, (Maternal 2nd Great Grandmother’s Father). Circa 1970.

Grandmother Janice(January) Jones(Pruitt-Mullins)

My wife, Sharaya(Vercellotti-Jones), her Grandmother Janice(Pruitt-Mullins), and her sister, our children’s Aunt Amy King-Jones

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