Duck Colored Glue. Because Of Course We Would. #GoDucks #CraftyKidz #QuackHeadz

Damn skippy! Mommy didn’t even ask, or show the kids, she simply grabbed them both and put them in the cart. Kids didn’t even know until the next day, Mommy was so smooth!

Let the trashing of the Huskies begin!! Ah tradition…. can’t teach them our tried and true Husky Epithets yet, the oldest is only 8. As precyas it might be, no Huck the Fuskies, nor, alas, no Duck the Huskies either…. Mommy Veto… sigh, she is right, they are to young for me to teach them…. but if they come up with Duck the Huskies on their own……

#GoDucks #Quackheadz

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