He Did It!! Milo Tied His Own Shoes! Bueno! Bueno! Bueno Mijo! #dadlife #AllByMyself #Ididit

Woo ha, homey got it down!

To be honest, we, at least I, had only really showed him how, hadn’t made him do it. Unfortunately for his brother Avi, we had kinda relied on him as a crutch to help with his younger siblings shoes. As such, we had allowed Milo to be a little lazy…. as this instance proved….

This day, earlier this week, he asked for help with his shoes to go outside. As it was a morning of a day that ends in Y, , I was going 3 different directions trying to get them ready for something when I started to ask Avi to help me out, but stopped myself. I remembered that Avi was busy with another task

So I said to Milo, ” well buddy, you can sit there and wait for Avi to get back in 10 minutes snd he can tie your shoes, or you can tie them yourself, and head outside right away. Its up to you. Sit here and wait, or do it yerself. Whatchyagonnado?”

He huffed, then started on his shoes. I headed down the hall, and called over my shoulder, “you got dis buddy, you know how….”

Whattayaknow, he did it, quick as you please. I think it actually made it easier for him, not hovering or instructing,. Just do it buddy, you got this

I got back down the hall, and he was done with one shoe and on to the other, quietly talking himself thru.

Yup, just had to tell him it was time to do it for himself…

Hasn’t needed help with his shoes since… in fact he is now tying little sister’s shoes for her…..

Unlike Milo tho, I don’t think independent Aeshna will suffer having her shoes tied by someone other than her, now that she knows Milo can do it for himself….

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