Grampa Rose(?) And His Possible Roots In Cornwall, Not Kilravock? #Cornwall #Mugford #Rose #genealogy #ftdna

What have we here? Possible homeland for the Rose line of my family? We know, thanx to our lack of Rose matches via dna, beyond family that we know of already thanx to dna, that We don’t match any of the other Rose families or clans. Not the Scottish or German. Our roots there were still in Britain, but it seemed that old family story of a name change and a swim across a river while running from the law, might have some fact to it. At least, the name change part. But what name? What part of Britain? Dna is starting to indicate Cornish Origins, and some rather close dna connections to a family of Mugfords with a genealogical depth to the 1700’s…. Now, we do have a couple of matches that are slightly closer than the Mugfords. Unfortunately, they don’t have much depth to their genealogy, generally ending in the mid 19th Century. Given that our dna matches estimate a 98% chance of sharing a common male ancestor at 12 generations, or approximately 300 years…. our closer matches, without much genealogy paper trail, have a 99% probability of common ancestor at about 200 years or 8 generations. Problem is, as I said, they dont have much in the way of records. Indeed, they cannot indicate a country of origin other than the U.S. The Mugfords on the other hand, have roots in Cornwall circa 1700. So the name probably isn’t Rose, and isn’t necessarily Mugford. The Origins in Cornwall however, are pretty well established….

Density of haplogroup R1b-U106 (samples in green) overlaid over all samples of hg. R1b (other R1b-L23 samples in red) among Vikings.

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