‘MEAT’ Your Vegan Detractors Half Way…. #WelfareBurger #EddieMurphy #DadCanCook #dadlife

Meet your vegan friends halfway. Burgers with half the meat, using, mushrooms, oats etc. Meet your vegetarian as in meet, MEAT them halfway.

Not really kidding, though I know none of my committed Vegan friends will go for it. What I really mean by this, is that you can take the beliefs and scientific realities of the Vegan and Vegetarian, and incorporate them into your diet.

Just because you dont want to give up meat, doesn’t mean you don’t want to make healthier choices. So along with being more conscious about my meats and their source, I mix some non meat ingredients in them.

Like any good(?) former drug purveyor, I cut my shit! Lol. Ya know, like those welfare burgers Eddie Murphy used to bag on in his comedy.

Yup, chopped peppers, onions, etc. But I take it to another level, a Hippy/Mormon mix of influences. I will add mushrooms and or oatmeal, at anywhere from 30-40% of the mix. A little egg or cheese as a binder, and poof!

Almost cut the red meat content in half.

The oatmeal trick is something akin to making your hamburgers meatloaf burgers. The mushrooms, well that I picked up from good ol’ Eugene, Oregon Hippies.

The result of the two influences, makes for Welfare burgers that not only don’t suck, they are 40% better for ya right out the gate.

So whether your Vegan friends give you credit, you will know that you availed yourself of their wisdom, and made better , healthier choices because of it.

Beyond that, they are freaking delicious! Just adding meatloaf sensibilities to your patty making takes your burger to another level.

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to create your own, absolute welfare burger… a burger that tastes so good, ya only want toasted buns with it, put the damn salad on the side!

I mean seriously, why not seal the seasoning and juiciness inside the burger, rather than trying to mask and rehydrate a tired old meat patty?

Just sayin….

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