Surprise… Sinkhole… No, Secret Chamber? Septic Tank? #AlCaponesVault #HeyGeraldo

We moved our van today, hoping to get it running. Torque converter is the culprit as suspected. But that isn’t the topic today. This is…

After getting her fired up and rolled out for some test driving, my wife discovered this hole, right under where the drivers side rear wheel had been sitting

Holy crap! That hole is big enough for any of my three littles to climb down into. Note, I didn’t say fall into, no, these are my kids. They’d have been down that hole in a split second had they found it first

This thing is a concrete chamber, looks to be about 2’x4′, about 5′ deep, with about a 3″ concrete shell on the top. And this under less than 6″ of soil… which is pretty scary, given it is part of the driveway to the freaking garage! Had it not been sitting, had i been pulling it in regularly to park it, it could have been disastrous.

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