Earliest Knowledge Of My Mortality…..

Earliest Knowledge Of My Mortality

I woke up early that day, it was a first really, I think I was in the first grade. I had gotten up, gotten myself breakfast, got dressed, even made my lunch. Mom hadn’t had to get up, of course, I had woken early, more than an hour early, they didn’t expect me up. Both Mom and Dad were working, and my sisters, twins, were infants I think.
They were dead tired, and I was pretty proud of myself for saving them the trouble of getting me ready for school. I wanted to tell them they didn’t have to get up, but I didn’t want to wake them, like I said, I knew they were tired, and it was still before 6 am. So I kept going down the hall toward their bedroom, then changing my mind and turning around.
Now this shouldn’t have been such a big deal, but for one thing, my brand new cowboy boots…. I was pretty damn proud of those boots. A six/seven year old boy in brand new cowboy boots, yep, ya might say I had a bit of a strut, heal, toe, like I was moseying down an old west wooden walkway. Well, apparently on pass 3 or 4, Mom woke up.
Now I was taking breaks between passes down the hall, sitting in the front room, or looking at my BOSS boots in the hall mirror, so mom wasn’t sure what she heard, and rolled over to go back to sleep. Not so on the next pass, she was wide awake, and trying to wake dad. Now initially dad wasn’t having it, told her it was nothin, to go back to bed. That was until my next pass, he heard it, and was getting up…
Now I was clueless as to them waking, in fact, I had checked the clock, and to my estimation, it was O.K. to wake them now. So I sauntered back down the hall, full of the pride of being a big boy. I reached toward the door, when WHOOSH!! the door swung inward and open, and I was staring at the business end of a gun, a gun that in my 6 year old eyes was so big I couldn’t see my father crouched behind it, all I saw was blue grey metallic, glinting in the semi darkness of an unlit hallway…..
Dad almost shit his pants when he realized it was me. They thought they had a prowler in the house. Needless to say, the house, which I had been trying to keep so quiet so Mom and dad could sleep, errupted. There was crying, laughing, hugging and what not for quite a while. At one point Dad told me I was lucky it was him that got up and not mom. He said she would have shot first …..and then opened the door……..

I didn’t have to go to school that day…..

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