German Milk Noodle Soup Recipes, Sweeter Version Than Grammas Milk Noodle Soup Of My Childhood. Perhaps Hers Is More Polish?

Got to thinking about recipes, family lore and traditions, and how they can inform genealogy investigations….

Having had some epiphanies recently, thanx to dna origins suddenly explaining why my ‘German’ Gramma’s recipes and traditional foods didn’t seem like the other kids german foods… Swiss names and traditions for foods, and Swiss DNA from the Italian side of the Alps finally explained the Ravioli by another name.

Anyhow, got me to looking at Milk Noodle Soup, to see where her recipe may have come from.

As far as I can tell, it seems to be Polish in origin. Most of the German recipes seem to be sweet. Some are sweet and salty, some even have pepper, but I made one of them, the recipes I found. Trust me, when my Mom nade it, it wasn’t nearly so sweet. I mean, it was quite good, kids loved it, as did I. But, this was a different creature than the warm soup, sometimes eaten out of tall drink glasses, with a fork. The peppery, slightly salty milk and noodles of my childhood was no where near as sweet, or creamy, to be fair, as this iteration.

It was truly delicious…. but I still want to replicate grammas milkbar milk noodle soup, and I think Slavic Poland is my origin, not Germany or Switzerland.

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