Goodbye Mom’s Honda, You Served Us Well

When you have two vehicles needing transmission work and you cant afford to fix either… you trade one brokedick car to the mechanic, to fix the other one for you….

And though I loved mom’s little honda, and it served us well since moms passing, it was lil honda who went. Our kids are growing fast, and the three of them in the back if the honda wasnt gonna work out much longer.

The van works much better in all ways but gas mileage…. though not as much of a difference there as you might assume, the honda wasnt great on gas. Good, not great.

And…. my ability to maintain the van is much greater, I have worked on Fords my whole life. Hondas can be expensive to maintain by someone who knows what they are doing, exorbitantly so for the rest of us…. just being honest.

So a young mechanic, who used to work for Honda, in desperate need of a car, being a new dad, got a honda hes gotta do a little work on, and our van got a new transmission.

I think it works out.

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