Trumpelstiltskin Blows The Horn For His Sheepletons With His Letter To Pelosi

This letter to Pelosi, to put his thoughts on record for posterity, indelible to use his words …. Is a call to arms for his sheepletons, trumplidiots and vile fucktoida to ramp it up….

: “I write this letter to you for the purpose of history and to put my thoughts on a permanent and indelible record.”

Make no mistake

this is a call to arms

Calling out to Those

Those who feel

their morals

are superior to law,

especially when

urged on by

their fascist president

in the name

of patriotism

Throwing out

The false flag of

the existential threat,

Of a non existent

attack on


(To obfuscate

His own attack

On said democracy)

… in hopes of enraging

and engaging

his base to evermore


and intimidating


believe me

This letter is meant

To spur on

Both his base

And even more so

His fringe element

His violent extremist

Of Both the Racist

And the Superior bent


See if common man

Every day attacks

From the right

From the curmudgeon

The surly neighbor

The get off my lawn

commie hater

See if their attacks

Don’t ramp up


See if their false

victimhood narrative

Doesnt embolden

and loosen tongues

Much like

the fourth beer

On a Sunday night

Watch out

Gonna see many a

Festive holiday

Turn into Jerry Springer

Chair fights

And Morton Downey Jr

Blood baths


See if houses

Of worship

Arent the target

The ground

Of Zero

During this season

Of holidays

See if the swastika

Doesnt compete

With the candy cane

And the mistletoe

See if the revery

Isn’t rudely

And violently

Interrupted by

The violent sheeples

Of white identity


Watch and see

The horn blown

The vile flock

Will listen

Watch…. and see.

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