Peak of Almoravid power in Iberia #genealogyrocks #IDigGenealogy # AfricanRoots

This map here, makes it visual, puts it into perspective. I can see now, how close Southwestern France was to the edge of the Almoravid Empire.

This empire, was centered, quite literally, smack dab in the middle of where my ancestors were 2000 yrs ago, the Adrar Plateau of Mauritania, at least according to dna.

Somehow, perhaps here, with the Almohads, my ancestors went from NW Africa, 2000 yrs ago, to SW France, by 1500.

Is this how? As part of the Almoravid Dynasty? Could they be of those that stayed behind, with the advance of the successive Almohad dynasty? Or did they flee north to the Christian Kindoms rather than be subject to Almohad rule?

There was intermarriage and commerce between Acquitaine and the Almoravids, at more than just the Royal level, I suspect.

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