Gramma Jackie Madden Would Be So Freaking Proud!! Dirty Feet And Monkey Toes. #dadlife #GeneticMemory #karma

Oh my freakin lord, my mom would absolutely be tickled pink by this picture… filthy little, I played all day, feet, clenching crayons in her toes…. I think she would say I was doin somethin right…

This is SOOOO her, and if I wasn’t such a curmudgeon, I am sure some of my family would see it here and agree…. they won’t, but if they did, they would agree, I assure you.

Mom was a toe pinchin, bare footin whenever possible, wild horse in a tame world, kind of person, and I miss her. She is the source of my ambidexterity, and that of this little crayon clutcher here.

Yup, she is my little lefty, grammas karmic gift to me….

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