Memories Manipulated, Building Gone But Lotus Neon, Lives On, Here At Least #LotusPortland #LotusCafeAndCardroom #NeonTreasure

Ah the Lotus Days, back in the late 90’s. 3-6 fights a week, every week MINIMUM, usually more…. Could have changed the format from dance club to fight club…. I mean, who needs sparring Or training time? I was doing it in real time, 3-5 times a night some weeks. Seriously, it was Friday Night Fights, every weekend.

Yeah, The Lotus was one of those places where I learned quite clearly, what it looked like when management was doing shit the wrong way. Had good times, don’t get me wrong, but the management style, coming from the top, was straight up dumpster fire!

But thankfully, there was no fighting involved in manipulating this old picture of the sign at the Lotus. Downtown will never be the same. If for no reason other than the ghosts in the upstairs floors of the Lotus. Beothel ghosts from the 1800’s…. no kidding, I was an eye( and ear) witness to the ghostly presences….

Good times.

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