Massive Steel Sculpture Installation Plans, From My College Daze…. Maybe Someday I’ll Build It #KoinWorship

Way back in my college days! Found an old sketch book from my time at PCC, Portland Community College, back in the late 90´s. It´s still doable, now that I look at it… maybe I will someday….

Probably a good 7 to 10´tall, maybe 8´by 30´, 240 square ft of space.

It is to be an industrial, manufactured, pale in comparison to the real thing, steel grove of worship. As if, all the trees are gone, and this is an attempt to recreate the sacred groves of old.

And the item of veneration, A giant gold coin.

A series of variously topped staffs, connected by rough hewn chains, strung across the paths between the staffs, representing the pitfalls and traps inherent in the worship of anything, much less money.


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