Roman Republic, 78 BCE. Was This The Time Period, The Empire, My Dela Chaumette Ancestor Came to? #BecomingDelaChaumette #Gaul #RomanGaul #genealogy #Numidia #DNA

As this what the Roman Empire looked like when my ancestor came into France? Gaul? or Spain maybe? Was he part of the former Numidian Empire? Perhaps the Mauritanian province of Rome?

Is this the way things looked, as he went in service to Rome, perhaps to aid in the subjugation or administration of Gaul?

That would certainly explain why his descendants were so well placed , still reputable, powerful and worthy of mention and recording, all the up to 1500, in France.

They were city administrators, government officials, lawyers, apothecaries, ministers:

They seemed to have hereditary positions on the council at Rochechouart. positions handed from family member, to family member every couple years. Like terms of office, a hereditary office. This, went on for generations, across the 16th and 17th centuries.

So, Roman administrators, from Numidia via Rome, is certainly a possibility… long shot perhaps, but certainly not out of the Realm of possibility.

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