Take Televangelists To Court!!!


We have all seen, heard, maybe even cursed these folks. And now, in our new Evangelical Nationalist Nation in training they can do more from the pulpit, politically it seems…

and if that is the case, that this is the new normal thanx to McConnell and his traitorious Republican Russian  Ass(holes)ets… and their Tangedrine Tantrum In Chief.

Perhaps, another of their predilections, these  litiguousness, should be visited on these televangelists…. I mean, no better way to get them to eat themselves evntually.

Hear me out

These guys are selling prayers, selling salvation. Offering up prayers, salvation, and even oNe on one intervention on their clienrts behalf…. I mean, it is like they are agents, or attorneys for a client and they offer this up, not out of the kindness of their heart, but out of cold calculation of the reception of cash.

god wants them to buy you a new jet plane, and in return he will answer their prayers? Is there any sort of warranty on this shit? Maybe a money back guarantee? Has anybody called the Better Business Bureau?

I mean, they seem to be guaranteeing NOT to pray on your behalf, if you don’t give money, or enough money, right? I mean, that is the implication that intercession  is integral, to the answering of said prayers. I.e, no money, no help from god

I mean, the argument about God’s Mercenary streak aside

where is the rating system? Where are the standards, the weights and measures of prayer efficacy? Maybe time to set up a Rate Your Preacher site, like those rate your professor rate your teacher sites they had… do they still have those?

I mean, there has to be data out there, these guys have got to be claiming  some outlandish shit… 

Funny thing is, even if ya gave them the benefit of the doubt on their claims to answered prayers, of their successful interventions.. I bet, based on volume and dollar amounts, they still aren’t batting very well. And mind you, that is with alot of doubt…. but yeah, I bet they still can’t claim but 5% success on their best days, …

 lets get that out there to the prayer consuming public,

set them up with a real cost benefit analysis, that points out the blind pig finding an acorness of it all, this televangelism….. Give them the tools, then set them free. Can ya just see Yelp for preachers?

And then, what if… the prayer comes true, perhaps by coincidence, perhaps not, but say the preacher takes credit for it. Yay, right? Well, what if the person, that lost in thart prayer circle, the other guy up for the job the client was praying about.

Does he have grounds to sue? He has suffered harm, loss. What if you you pray for something, that brings unforseen harm on someone? Who is liable, the client? The televangelist, both? Shall we sue God?

Just think of the new areas of law, and realize, we, as layman, aren’t coming close to what real lawyers will be envisioning. 

 I mean, ya got human rights law, marital/divorce law, tax law, criminal law. What about consumer and contract law.  there’s precedent for fraud, warranty, contract law here… 

Ya better get out of the lawyers way when they figure this shit out… 

Motherfuckers will chew a whole thru you to get to an ambulance, what you think they are gonna do once they can sue God, and his employees?… 

I bet God considers them independent contractors, in a final ironic justice… no health or soul coverage, just go straight to Hell with the other suckers.

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