Do It For Money, Not God And Country #tweekaderos #BrotherTed #AsThePoleTurns

Difference between those two and me? Between what I have done, and what they do? Well,uh, used to do?

 That’s easy.

I didn’t do my dirty deeds for my country, though they did greatly assist in my training. No, I did mine post service. Post service, and for mercenary reasons. For money, or things easily converted to, money. 

And believe it or not, because of that, That I did my dirty deeds for coin, not god and country….

I actually have fewer regrets. No sleepless nights. No moral dilemnas for what I have done.

With god and country, you are expected to throw your morals out the window for the greater good.

when its for money, ya got a choice, ya see? No matter how much the pay, you don’t HAVE to take the job.

Sure, many do it for the money and have not moral one. Most of them get locked up pretty regular though, to be fair. At least, in my case, I exercised personal choice. Like, “Is it coming to this guy anyway? Is he a bonafide waste of skin? 

If I don’t get paid for it, won’t someone else? 

I mean, If  his fate is sealed, why shouldn’t his demise help fund my goals, dreams and comforts?

Even better?

 When it’s a job you would have done for free.

When the target is a bonafide menace, a danger to those around him.

The Rapo? The pedophile? The serial abuser? The poacher, the tweeker? The secret monsters that masquerade as the Moral?

The privileged little twat? The Trustafarian ne’er do wells laying waste to their environs, environs that would be well served by their extermination? Would the world be a better place without them?

Oh Hell Yes! Sign me up!

It’s good to be able to smile while you work….

God and Country? That’s some grim, jaw clenching shit man. Not worth the ulcers or sleepless nights…. Pray to whomever ya want to, young buck, but fer fucks sake, don’t go to work for them!

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