Scotch Eggs Slam Dunk, First Try!! #DadCanCook #ScotchEggsSlamDunk #dadlife

To be truthful, I was looking for some ideas or recipes to do a “Parmesan-ing’ of sliced hard boiled eggs, when I was reminded of scotch eggs, they were referenced amongst the recipes.

Which, to be truthful, is quite close to what I was looking for. Not quite, but close. I did find a recipe, more like some ideas, to do my Parmesan-ing, but, I haven’t got to it yet.

Once I described scotch eggs to my sons, it was clear that I needed to do that experiment first. Yeah, you don’t argue with a pair of lord of flies extras, with dreams of pork sausage in their eyes… Scotch eggs it is…

And, it really is easy…. hard boiled eggs, sausage, bread crumbs or panko or corn flakes, whatever.

… it really is delicious, well worth trying it out.

perhaps the only time I ever heard of scotch eggs, was on BBC’s “Durell’s In Corfu”. Fortunately, my scotch eggs turned out very good, and did not get an entire village sick, as happened on Corfu. If you didn’t see it, lets just say you need to cook them fully…. and refrigerate fer crissake!

Link to a recipe below


recipe link

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