Holbrook Az. Skatepark. Avi’s First Skatepark Visit #HolbrookAz #Route66 #SkateOrDie

My man finally got to drop deck at a skatepark.. well, OK, you know grizzly bear dad here wouldn’t let him go that buck wild… he just got the board a month and a half ago, and has really own gotten to ride on the basketball court at the park.

No sidewalks out here in podunk, and if it werent for filled in(and not) potholes, we wouldnt have pavement at all!

So this quaint little skate park, in Holbrook, just turned out to be the first place we stopped on this trip that was near a park. It aint alot, but dammit, it’s somethin’. Gotta drop in first somewhere, right?

He did good, not awkward, nor scared…. unfortunately, we only got to dtay for s gew minutes, we were meeting with leasing agents that day. Hopefully, we will be living up that way soon. Probably not Holbrook, but somewhere up there…. somewhere, with a skatepark.

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