Perhaps Disingenuous, Sweating The Terminology, And Not The Problem

I get it, Race, Racist, are inaccurate terms, we are all one race, scientifically speaking. However, scientific definitions aren’t the only definitions out there. language, being imperfect just like it’s speakers, has come to rest on this particular term to describe a type of bigotry/hatred, at least in common speech. The consensus of those in the conversation, agree to it’s meaning, at least for this conversation.

Race, in common speech, has come to refer to something more akin to breeds, like with dogs, cats or cattle, than another species. Boiled down even further can be defined as an indication of pigmentation, and/or facial morphology.

Ergo, in certain conversations, where it seems those conversing have agreed to a less literal, less scientific, more common definition of the term, you have to accept it. Indeed, in some conversations or settings, an actual meeting is had to discuss the definition of terms, to make sure everyone in the discussion is using the same terms for the same thing. To be, “on the same page”, as it were.

Not saying I like the common usage of the word Racist, I don’t. I prefer to use bigot or supremacist myself. But if I want to have the conversation with more than a handful of people, I have to accept the language we are working with.

So it seems disingenuous to me, to jump in late in a discussion to tsk tsk people for using the word incorrectly.

Especially since it isn’t actually incorrect, so much as it is a different definition than the one you prefer. Language does evolve, words meanings change, or are expanded. Saying a comedian on stage is, “on fire”, probably does not mean he is combustible. It likely means he is really having a good performance. Now that doesn’t mean that “on fire” no longer means something is burning, it just means that, in certain circumstances, it can have a different meaning.

If the definition seemingly agreed to is not something you can live with, cannot morally accept using for the duration of the conversation, perhaps this isn’t the conversation for you?

Perhaps, your only reason for posting in such a nit picky way, is attention seeking?

Otherwise, it seems more like attacking the premise and the facts to obscure your own guilt.


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