Holbrook, Az.’s Dinosaurs @ The Rainbow Rock Shop. #RainbowRockShop #Route66 #HolbrookArizona

Rainbow Rock Shop and it’s wonderful dinosaurs. Had to stop for some candid shots of those, right?

The place we went to look at in Holbrook turned out to be…. well, more work than we were looking for, in a town that really wasn’t up to snuff on our family’s needs and wants checklist.

It was a huge place, a former church…. but it had been flophoused for a while, was gonna needa new roof, most windows broken, had black mold… etc, etc.

So…. we got to see the sights…. mostly petrified wood. and removed any “what if we had”‘s, from our thoughts on Holbrook….

Not the elevation, nor the scenery we are looking for, dinosaurs and Route 66 not withstanding.

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