Soda Blasts From My Military Past #CactusCooler #Vernors #NTC #24thID, #5/52 #ADA

In one fell swoop, err, grocery trip, couple weeks ago, my wife nailed down two non alcoholic carbonated reminders of my Army time in the 5\52nd ADA and the 24th ID, back in the late 80’s.

The Vernors is a brand of ginger Ale i had never seen, being an Oregon kid, until I was stationed there in Ft Stewart, Georgia.

The Cactus Coolers, were a favorite at the NTC, National Training Center at Ft Irwin, California. We were sent there, from Georgia, to train for a month back in 87.

Cool part is, though she saw the Vernors, and grabbed it precisely because she had remembered me mentioning it as a good Ginger Ale. The Cactus Coolers however, just caught her eye, looked refreshing. I had never mentioned them before.

Pretty cool, kismet if you will…

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