Gardening, Engineering, Liquid To Solid Study, And Pitching In, Disguised As Playing With Mud. #dadlife #TomSawyer #reducereuserecycle

Time for a little garden recyclo construction. Have a raised garden area in the back yard, but we needed to dog proof it. So we took a bunch of bicycle rims from som sculpture materials I had aquired, and raised the raised bed enough to discourage our little dog from goin up there. The big dog is too damn old to climb up steps, much less jump up anywhere. No, this is for Mooki, our springy little Rez dog.

Taught the boys how to make a sandy mud mixture to use as garden cement for our fence.

So I got them working, and hard, by making it a muddy job. I think my hero Samuel Clemens, or at least his protege Tom Sawyer, would be proud.


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