More Whiny, Privileged White Folk

For that privileged owner, assuming the rules dont apply to him and his white employees……. he could have told his manager “no, that unfortunately, sitting at the tables might give the wrong impression to passers by, which could get us in trouble”…. as it did. This guy was never “ridin’ dirty, and not tryin’ to give the cops an excuse”, and it shows. Oh, and a good manager wouldn’t put his place of employment in jeopardy thusly. Sounds like a complaint of privilege.

Remember, pretty much only white Americans have Zero experience with being denied the right to eat inside. Remember how teenagers shooting each other was a gang problem, til white kids started doing it at schools? Then we all had to take notice.

Well, white folks are finally being told they aren’t welcome to dine inside, and we now have a “KARENDEMIC” on top of a pandemic.

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