Most Glorious Madness

Eventually, you have to accept it…
you ARE the crazy one.
Everyone else is actually is sane.
Reality be damned.
How dare you question what all know to be so,
just because you can actually see that it is not?
Oh, I forgot the rule, that the powerful make the rules.
Change them too, even physics.
Epidemiology? Sure! Meteorology?
You bet, gimme my sharpie.
Isnt my sharpie glorious?
It’s a meteorological sharpie.
Someday, all will believe in windmill cancer, and why not?
It’s true, because the leader said so.
Perfect windmill cancer, just perfect.
Windmill cancer for all who want it.
the greatest windmill cancer of all windmill cancers.
We have the highest positive test results in recorded history for windmill cancer.
Isnt it grand?
Isnt fascism great?
Isnt the glorious leader, so, well glorious?
Of course he is, everybody says so.
Lots of people are saying it.
Glorious, simply glorious.
No president, except maybe Abraham Lincoln,
has ever been so glorious.
Never in history.
So glorious, simply the best glorious.

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