Narcissism Masquerading As Religion

So this happened today…. Ya know, fb is there, to ensure your disappointment in the World….

“It is not what you say, but what you do that defines you.”

Now my friend stated this, and I was already pointing out, that the statement was basically condoning hypocrisy…. Say, like spouting against wearing masks, but wearing them yourself, AND profiting off of them. like that. You are doing the right thing, but encouraging others to do wrong. What? you figure Heaven will be too crowded when you get there? Hell is certainly gonna be over occupancy, when ya get there!….. so my retort was thus…..

“But remember, if those two are different, the definition is hypocrite

But when I saw this reply below, from one of his friends….

“It’s not what you say or what you do that defines you. It is who your father is. We are defined in relationship to Him. Do you know he said he was pleased with Jesus before Jesus’ ministry even started. Before he did anything of significance God was pleased with Him. We are children of the living and loving God. This above all else defines us before we’ve even done one thing. And, in the context of that relationship we are loved and accepted and He is pleased with us. This will always be what defines us unless we reject it and knowingly choose a different definition.”

…… I thought my head was going to implode, as I read deeper, and grasped what it was really saying, what it really meant. What it said about christian justification for abhorrent behavior….

my reply was thus…

“Wha? Nothing you say or do defines you? All you have to do is proclaim Jesus, and it doesn’t matter what you do? Jesus loves you, so no matter how horrid and monstrous you may be, doesnt matter, Jesus loves you better than the others, cuz you praise him? Not a word about forgiveness, atonement, remorse? Why be remorseful, I’m with Jesus? That, sounds like Narcissism masquerading as religion.”

This is like Jesse DuPlantis and his prosperity doctrine, jacked up on biker meth and Adderall!

Now I generally, don’t get much feed back after one of these, I have a habit of shutting people up and sending them to the corner. I am a sort of “Cooler” for Trolls….. We shall see how this one goes. I will update, if I need to.

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