operated on the assumption that cops were the enemy

I have always operated, upon the assumption that cops were the enemy, until THEY proved otherwise… Just as I would with any armed group wearing colors .. Sad that it has taken this long for the masses to see what was going on right in front of them, just happening to others. Sad, no man, or womans word, or bond, was enough. pictures werent enough, it has taken video AND audio for truth to be heard, and seen, to be believed… even during my brief episode working in corrections…. I trusted the inmates more than the cops… My dad, retired parole officer, Union VP, hated cops. Would taunt them into profiling him, driving with mug root beer in a brown bottle, just to smugly badge slap them with root beer…. ah, childhood memories….I learned, that the law was not the enemy, but cops certainly were. They havent the education, nor discernment, by and large(on purpose, some departments have IQ limit for hiring, not a too low limit, a too high one. Think about that, “sorry sir, you are too smart to be a cop’), to make the decisions on when, and what laws, will be enforced, and upon whom. An associates degree or less, and you get to choose who goes into the gears of Justice? An associates degree shouldnt give you the right to make someone hurry up and choose at the donut shop, much less label them lawbreaker and incarcerate them, until they prove they arent. Way to much responsibility, for some with so few tools.

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