Retribution, Really Good To Know That Is Where We Are. Careful What You Demand Folks, You May Just Get It.

Retribution, that is what he calls for. There must be retribution. Execution in the streets, no trial, no jury, just a State Sanctioned Extra Judicial killing.

But lets be real here. It couldn’t be done any other way. A trial would have sunk trump’s reelection. He wont win without massive cheating as it is, but had this case been being adjudicated, had been in the news, there would be no amount of cheating that would help.

Had Reinoehl been taken alive, there would have been investigations, testimony, and a circus trial. Press coverage, would have been 24/7. Facts, would have come out to all, like, that Patriot Prayer Peon Aaron Danielson was armed, with a baton, bear spray and a handgun, and was charging. Armed, and charging.

Was he innocent? Probably not. But is this mutual aggression, mutual combat? I think, it was. Would he go to jail, and his victim stay dead? Yup. But, it would be on a manslaughter charge, due to extenuating circumstances. He would be alive, to continue telling his side of the story, and Bill Barr, and Trumpy the Clown, cannot afford that. So the hit was put out. Don’t call it anything else, this was a contract kill, execution by Posse, call it what you will.

And remember, this retribution rhetoric isnt new…. It is just him saying out loud, what he already does, has done, is doing. Remember what Maya Angelou said, “when someone shows you who they are… believe them”

Believe, that Trump feels he is entitled to a redo on his first 4 years, cuz Americans didnt like him enough. Believe, that he will try to do it, given the chance.

Believe him, when he says “they will, ‘put down’, protesters” over the election. For those of you without pets or livestock, put down is nice speak for euthanizing…. Believe, he knows exactly what Put down means, when he says it. I am certain he didn’t mean he would sick Triumph the insult comic on them. I doubt Yo Mama jokes would ensue. No. He means, summary execution, euthanization, put down like dogs, believe him.

Believe him, when he says he saved MBS’s ass, over Khashoggi’s death ala retribution. He did, he has, believe him .

When he calls Journalists and Media the enemy of the American people, encourages his supporters to attack them, believe him. When law enforcement targets journalists, believe that it is on his behalf. When he praises those same Feds with doing a fine job, terrorizing protesters and singling out media, believe him. He gave the command, they executed the command, and he praised them for doing it, believe him.

When he called for law enforcement to quit being nice to suspects, to abuse them more, quit protecting their head when you put them in the car, believe him.

When he says, there were alot of fine people, amongst the craven White Supremacists at Charlottesville, Believe, that he believes White Supremacists are indeed very fine people.

Believe him… and more importantly, believe his followers will do his bidding. believe it.

Actions speak louder than words, and truth can be told from lies, by watching actions. When the actions match the words, Mother Fucking believe them!

Why is it so important to believe him? Because his followers obey him. Scared, privileged(and not so) white people have obeyed him, and will continue to obey him, even if they know he is wrong. He has scared them into following him, beyond the pale. And, because they know their actions would be unforgivable were the roles reversed, they are afraid of the consequences of admitting their folly, and would rather martyr themselves than admit they were wrong, and ask for mercy. Primarily, because, as we have seen, they have no mercy, and thus cannot fathom anyone having it, for them.

Now, I have to say, there are alot of these scared Maganoids out there, and thanx to them manifesting their own destiny, they probably should be. See, their glorious leader, put retribution out there on the table. He has encouraged it, and set it into motion. That genie is out of the bottle. HE put retribution on the table, and the maganoids have whole heartedly endorsed it.

That means…… they better win. Or their greatest nightmare, could very well indeed, be their manifest destiny…. Oh, they wont be replaced, as they fear, but they will become unnecessary, outdated, a no longer quaint, but dangerous anachronism, that will be allowed to fade into extinction.

So, for those two maganoids out there that can, and do, read…. I ask this. If retribution is the rule of the game, what do ya’ll think is gonna happen to you, when Trump loses? Hmmm? Maybe ya oughta buy yourselves a Black Lives Matter shirt, and hide it away, just in case.

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