Already Missing My Little Princess Aeshna, On This, Her 5th Birthday.

My little girl turns 5 today, and though I did get to wish her happy birthday this morn, and squoze the stuffins out of her hugging her, I already miss her. See, Mommy and Aeshna left shortly thereafter, to go up to our new place up in Heber-Overgaard, about 3 hours away, up in the mountains. Momma is going to, with the help of her Aunt Susan, do some work on the place pre move in, as a way to defray the move in costs a little bit.

New haircut, and she loves it!

So the separation is for purely positive reasons, but still heartache inducing. Especially, since we, me and the boys, will miss whatever the ladies do for her birthday. I am sure she will have fun, but we sure will be missing out.

Aeshna really gets into her art!

We will get by, I hope. They are going to be gone, perhaps as long as 2 weeks. So just a mans club here in Mammoth, while we work on getting the rest of our stuff packed up.

I mean, that little girl has hugged or been hugged, by daddy, every day of her beautiful life. Until tomorrow. I don’t know if she will notice, but I sure will. I know Milo, who is 7.5, is already emotional about Mommy going without him. Thus far Avi, my 9.5 yr old, seems unfazed… but we shall see tonight, at bedtime.

Hopefully, the separation, is both useful, eliminating the bickerfest that having three kids can be, for two weeks. And maybe, just maybe, it will make the kids appreciate, and miss each other.


Smart little girl…

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