Greedy, Selfish Americans

For those cheering the degradation of this countries social safety net over the last 50 years, insisting that charity should be left to the churches and the communities, I ask, why in the HELL are there so many more homeless, so many more slipping through the cracks? If they are better placed to do it, why are they doing worse, not better?

I will tell you why. Americans are NOT charitable. They are greedy bastards. Insatiable. They are vane and self centered, and cant even think of donating anything, unless they get a tax write off, so it is 50% off, AND a fucking plaque, so they show off how giving they are. Even our charity is quid pro quo, and discounted. Their religious institutions, only really want to help those who participate in, and fund, those institutions.

That is why government of the people, for the people, and by the people, needs to be involved in the welfare of ALL the people. If you could leave it to the people to just do the right thing, we wouldn’t need government at all. Or Religion, for that matter.

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