Alan Madden-RoseThe only people, who perhaps cannot put up with these hardships, masks and social distancing, are entitled white people. The rest of us have been dealing with far worse hardships for generations. This is easy shit…. It is only hard, for spoiled white folk. Wahhh I cant see my family… tell the incarcerated about it. Tell the too poor, who cant afford to fly out to grammy’s every christmas… waaaahhh… Tell the homeless about it… waaaaah… Tell the kids whos parents have been killed by cops, that will never see their parent again…. waaaaah… I cant go to a sit down restaurant…. tell the black man that remembers whites only water fountains, and having to eat outside… waaaaah…. Tell the native Americans, who’s sacred sites now have condominiums over them that you cant have a funeral…. waaaahhh … such hardship, a mask is, for those who have endured nothing!!! WAAAAAAAAHHHHH! ·

They have been flush with privilege so long, they have mistaken those privileges for rights. You do not have a right to see your family and friends whenever you want, if you did, then incarceration would be illegal, sealed adoptions, would be illegal, restraining orders, would be unenforceable. Parole and probation, would be illegal. Custody battles, would be a whole different game. If it was a right, we would all get free plane tickets to grammy’s, for every holiday.

You do not, have a right, to a sit down dinner, with servants, it is a privilege.

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