Start Viewing Your ‘Rights’ As Responsibilities. You Might Actually Have Some Then

We have it all wrong. We should be viewing what we see as rights, as responsibilities. Just saying it that way, out loud, should have a profound effect on you.

Right to vote? No, responsibility, a duty, to vote. In fact, their ought to be sanctions/penalties for NOT voting.

Right to Free Speech? No, a responsibility, a duty, to speak. It’s is in law already. We have a responsibility, are lawfully required, to report a crime if we see one, and can indeed be sanctioned/punished for not fulfilling that obligation.

Right to bear arms? Nope, responsibility, obligation. Now, before you antigun folks start screaming, I am not saying everybody should be packing guns….. but everybody should at least have a decent pocket knife, right? You should take care of at least some portion of your self defense, even if it is just defending yourself from a trip hazard, or saving a tree from a plastic bag.

Responsibilties, not Rights

Obligations, not Rights.

A Duty, not a Right.

Let’s reframe the way we look at this.

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