Fuck The Saudis!

…. and their fucking planet killing oil! We no longer need to sacrifice young people for the sake of an antiquated energy policy, traveling to foreign lands to take or secure the resources for our energy needs. Why? Why fight others for control of their resources? Why kill and die? It is no longer a […]

Trump Is The Aqua Net

Trump didn’t start the fire, he was however the can of aqua net yer stupid friend threw on the fire when no one was watching him Or more appropriately, an amalgamation of all those stupid friends of ours we gave passes to over the years for their casual bigotry

Mein Trumpf #RacistInChief

#trumplthinskin #racistinchief Of course he said his racist speech is ok, because many people agree with him, certainly many fine people right? Yeah, now he is fighting for the fascist 25% to have their voices heard, they are his new minority, his new victim to champion.