Tamazgha ancient homeland The Indigenous land of Imazighen is a region called Tamazgha, encompassing Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Western Sahara, Mauritania, the Canary Islands, and parts of Egypt, Mali, and Niger.

Happy Birthday Pops, Wish You Were Here To Share This! #dadlife #missmydad #NumidianPrince

Some thoughts written down, about dad…. there is also an earlier podcast I did on the same topic, the previous blog post link and podcast link are below: https://wildnwoollywordsmith.com/2019/08/11/check-out-my-episode-birthday-of-a-prince-of-numidia-my-dad-max-from-alan-madden-rose-on-anchor/ https://anchor.fm/alan-madden-rose/episodes/birthday-of-a-Prince-of-Numidia–My-Dad-Max-e4u1ki #dadlife

More Beaver

Extend beaver habitat all the way to the Gila, downstream from the current conservation area. Save not only the San Pedros downstream communities, San Manuel, Mammoth, Aravaipa, Dudleyville, …. But start the recharging of aquifers and revitalizing of the entire Gila River…. ya know, that river that feeds the Valley of the Sun? Are ya […]