Do Any Of My Friends Wanna Up An’ Move To Lovely Locana? Italy, Anyone? #LocanaItaly #MoveToItaly #LOrcoBuono

Locana in northern Italy, just 45km from the city of Turin, is offering people up to €9,000 to become permanent residents and help reinvigorate the community. The only stipulations are that new inhabitants have a child, a salary of at least €6,000 and be committed to staying in the area. The relocation money is paid in […]

Industrial or Production Jobs An Expat Might To Look Into In Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

#fenderensenada #allegionschlageensenada #bajabound #sunpowerensenada Given that I will be looking for work, barring some financial miracle, when and if we do move to Ensenada, I decided to look and see what kind of manufacturing jobs I might be qualified for in Mexico. Given the language barrier(MySpanish is good, not graet) and the legal barriers, I […]

My Little Hair Model, Milo….

#hairfarmer We were getting ready to go outside to play, putting little mans hair up… and well, rather than get mad about the pancake syrup in his hairWe went with it, turns lemons into lemonade, as it wereDecided we may as well get some little punk rocker shots out of the ordeal That tonights bath […]