Be-Muddled and En-Clayed

Dry and stifled Dying of thirst Then the water It comes It comes Fierce And hard At first The latter Drizzle The true Anomaly Just not the way Desert rain Is supposed to be To continue The fall The grey The incessent Pitter patter The mind Numbing Sense dumbing Liquid drumming Of the ling grey […]

Insanity’s Flight

Face to the sky Oh my The faces seen Souls felt Universe travelled Cards dealt The bones The timbers The frame Defiance of laws Of norms Of sanity For celestial Gains Madmen fly The insane Enflame The idiot inspires The invalid Wins games The craziest Idea based most On the sound And the sane

Ever Watching Boogie Bug

This guy’s These eyes Ever watching Though hidden Silent Not too vocal Simply watching Absorbing Taking it in The witness The video The clip The snashot The one That Will Run In down time In fear What clip? In sorrow In suffering Which clip? Will be The nackground music The soundtrack What tunes What visuals […]