FOR SALE, Miscellaneous, REALLY Miscellaneous, Items. Downsizing, In Preparation For A Move


Going to be posting some stuff on this page that I am interested in selling. We have set a one year maximum goal for moving out of Arizona, and as such, need to start downsizing.

So the odds are against there being any rhyme nor reason as to what gets posted, or when, please check back often.

I will post pictures and/or descriptions of the items, and invite readers to make an offer, or contact me at the blog to discuss an item if they are interested.

As I said, we are planning a move, and are downsizing, so let me know if you are interested in something…

TEWA KACHINA PAINTING, Acrylic,16×20, By Minna




Who wants a Yoda Pez Dispenser? Had been still in package until a few days ago. Had it for maybe 20 years, mint condition in package. Then, my 7 year old, found it…

It is still mint, just no longer in the package…

If ya want it, let me know, I am sure we can come to some sort of arrangement…


Don’t know much about it. It was given me by a Great Aunt many years ago. She in turn got it from a woman who had been her neighbor, and for whom she had cared for as she advanced in age. Not sure where that woman got it, or where it is from.