Milo’s Vulcan Logic

“Look dad, look dad, we are cleaning up!” Milo exclaimed. Looking into the room, I can see that they have thrown all of their toys into one huge cardboard box, the, ‘ imagination’ box I had given them the day before to play in. So I reply, wryly, “I see that buddy, but that’s not […]

Benjamite Insignia

Like the Duck colors hiding in there…. in my ever expanding research, I come across interesting nuggets like this one. Tribe of Benjamin, I wonder, if perhaps a remnant of them, a sliver of that tribe, perhaps became Those Amizigh Jews of North Africa, having traveled from Egypt?

Ghost? Spectre? Trick of Light?

Caught this anomaly the other night while on a star watching walk. WS trying to get a railroad trestle in the distance, but the iPhone just wasn’t going to get it from this distance. I had doubted it, and was right, but after trying anyway, I have to say the initial disappointment was worth it.