Close Yer Eyes Ladies, I’m Flaunting My Flautas! #flautatio #FlauntMyFlauta #dadlicious #dadlife #fuckyourlittletacitosbitches

Just like many ugly cylindrical things that bring pleasure, these bad boys are so much more satisfying than they look! And I know that the filling may look, well, ugly, but trust me…. this mix of ground beef, cubed venison, refried beans, black beans, onions and various spices folks, is freaking amazing, truly! Rolled that […]

Breath. #poetography

Like veins Spreading Stretching Reaching Out Reaching out To give To exhale Expectorate Life Life from death The sky Red Like the heart As if The sky Itself Is the heart Pumping Life giving Oxygen Not water To wine But poison To air To life giving Breath