2019 Mammoth Xmas Parade

Mammoth, Arizona had their Children’s Christmas Parade last night. Came thru just as the Charlie Brown Christmas Special ended and we were preparing to light candles for the first night of Hanukkah….. So the kids really had a banner night…. a parade followed by candle lighting Happy Holidays folks, whichever ones you celebrate #dadlife

Caves at Salt River Canyon

Got a shot of the caves at Salt River Canyon, coming home from Thanksgiving in Overgaard last month. River was swollen and brown, from the storm that brought snow to us up in Overgaard. Really want to actually stop there next time we go up that way, pretty sure the kids would want to spend […]

Fruit Snacks Float Tray #dadlife

Kids love fruit, but here in Arizona, it dries out pretty fast. Hate to waste food, but don’t want to tell them no if they want fruit, right? So I decided to float the fruit in some sugar water. Stops the browning of the fruit, and the drying out. Kids can have fruit all day, […]