Bunkering Down In The Heat

After two 118 degree days, I thought i might ponder the coping mechanisms, for those with children., for this kind of heat. Especially for those of limited means.  As an adult, it is easy, go to work, use their A/C. Go to the bar after work, and use their A/C, Go home after it is […]

Il Maximo, The Skunk Hunter

Things were definitely not normal at home. Dad and I were home alone. These were Bachelor days, as Mom was in the hospital, having just given birth to my sisters. I was a couple weeks shy of 7 years old. So Dad and his 7 year old son, trying to get the house cleaned up […]

Beginnings of the GEN-X Revolution?

I have been giving alot of thought to this whole upheaval we have seen, geopolitically, over the last decade or so…. I am starting to see more of a generational schism, than a racial or Religious one. I am no fool, those other divides exist, indeed they are used ruthlessly, by both sides, to achieve […]