Ten Stripe Beetle

This is a pretty cool one, and the first one we have come across here. A Ten Stripe Beetle. He was pretty docile, and wasn’t interested in eating anything we offered. My hope, is that it had already done whatever its duties were in the breeding department already. Meaning, he missed out on being eaten […]

Black Beetle, Feedle Deedle #poetography

Black beetle Feedle deedle Fiddeldye Oh my Big little Armored fucker Mother trucker Bigger than A knuckle Huckleberry Huckle buckle Lookin for Fruit to Suckle Crops to Plunder In this time Of thunder Rains and wind Makes them Swoon Clumsy lump Window Thump No grace In these wings These bumbling Brittle things Like a ’50’s […]

Monsoons Bring Out The Beetles,

Kids got a couple more beetles, I think these are called June Bugs, at least somewhere in the country…. I kinda dig that they are sporting Oregon Duck colors. Shut up Green Bay’ers and Coloradans… Duck colors, I say!