Milo-Goth The Mirth Maker!

Had some more shots from our hair experiment the other day, ya, know, the one where syrup in the hair became an opportunity, not a nightmare? Yeah, that one..Thought I would monkey around a little with these, given the monkeyin’ we were doing to his hair in the first place

Shumate Family Picture(I think), circa 1910

This picture is quite faded. Left first row is Lorene and Lillie (daughters of Chester and Annie Shumate). Behind them are Annie and Chester. Older woman in front of Chester is Lelia Swan Miller, mother of Chester.  So Chester and Annie are my great grandparents. Leila Swan is my great great great grandmother. Thisa seems […]

Dan Miller, My 3rd Great Grandfather

This is Dan Miller, father of Lelia Swan Miller. Leila Swan Miller was the wife of James Karnes Polk Shumate, my 2nd Great Grandfather, making her my 2nd Great Grandmother. Thus, Dan Miller, above, is my 3rd Great Grandfather.  My mind is exploding, it still isn’t quite real, that I really have solved this mystery. […]