Late Night Baking, Chicken and Pies

So when it is 112F outside, ya just cannot bake in good conscience during the day… So you wait ’til ’round midnight. Here, I present honey Mustard Garlic Ginger Chicken.. Goddamn I am good!For desert, we have Banana Acorn Squash Pie, yes, you heard me right, trying to do a little something different.Kids gotta eat, […]

Sonoran Chicken breast w/Onions, and a Dad Salad… It’s whats for dinner, dammit!

Yup, sometimes, dinner just creeps up on ya, what with presidents and porn stars competing for attention over atrocities, civilian casualties aka collateral damage, and the ever imminent, clear and present danger of poopy diapers and potty mouths… yup, sometimes ya gotta just throw some shit together, and make it stick…. Dinner….. It’s what’s before […]