To the Tune Of A Screaming Child

That thing lost, unknowingly lost When concentration Train of action Interrupted That thing misplaced Mid return Neither there Nor where It belongs I see it now Setting there Precariously Teetering At eye level Eureka! I now remember setting it down, hurriedly, to the tune of a screaming child. Advertisements

Ever Watching Boogie Bug

This guy’s These eyes Ever watching Though hidden Silent Not too vocal Simply watching Absorbing Taking it in The witness The video The clip The snashot The one That Will Run In down time In fear What clip? In sorrow In suffering Which clip? Will be The nackground music The soundtrack What tunes What visuals […]

21 Days Old

I was 21 days old When they took him When the messenger Was slain 21 days old 21 days old 21 days old 21 days In a violent world 21 days 3 weeks 3 weeks Of viet nam Of protest songs Of tear gas And students Of panthers And hippies And college kids Bloodied by […]

The Breakup

yer sweet, but yer a straight boy, lover.. yer just slummin’ honey, and I know it….. no, no, you would never hurt me, truly, I know you would try to love me… you would never hurt me physically, and yet you would devastate me , break my poor heart into millions of un reasemblable pieces, […]

Buggy Baby Girl!!

She loves her bugz Sooo much! Look at that face! She is so excited to have caught it. I think we will call him Cryminny Cricket!she crawled, and hopped in imitation, all across the kitchen and living room to finally wrangle this little bugger!