Ripped Off Like A Like A Bad Fuckin’ Prom Dress #tweekederos #AsThePoleTurns

Some dialogue for an upcoming project… “Shut the door man” “What?” “Shut it” “Ok ok what” (Dude shaking head) “What?” (Points to the package in his hand) “What this? what about it?” “Pshhh” “Yer sayin he ripped me off?” “Like a bad fuckin prom dress man.” “Dude” “What? Shit, you even laid there thanking him […]

Caveman, King, Twitterling

In his castle Oh So srrong Or sitting, lone in his cave He simmers Where the lunatic may rant and rave Like a Fat Orange Fritter That can’t seem to get off twitter Oh why, Oh Why Must Despots Be this way? …. Lest we not recognize them for what they are….


CHUMP-MANIA!! Our Chump In Chief, who promised to stop The World from laughing at us, has ensured the opposite with his Wrestlemania reboot. I am sure he thought(does he do this, think?) that this would strike fear into the World, especially those in the world with Logo’s for a head. —————————————————— Trump VS CNN…NYTimes Story… […]