My Forward Thinking Dad, Medical Marijuana, Decriminalization of Marijuana, and Legalization of Marijuana

Medical Marijuana, Decriminalization of Marijuana, Legalization of Marijuana Hard to believe that my dad was 40 years ahead of the times on this point. He refused to violate his parolees for Marijuana use, unless distribution of Marijuana was their specific crime, and even then, it wasn’t a given. In fact, he regularly encouraged his parolees […]


As a stay at home dad, ya gotta be a whiz in the kitchen! This weeks menu items…. we shall see what tomorrow brings… Homemade Tuna Alfredo, with bowtie pasta(sauce from scratch) Homemade spaghetti(sauce from scratch) Homemade chili(again, from scratch, not a can) Homemade mac and cheese(yes, real cheese, not a box, veggies too) Homemade […]