The Cacophonous Abyss

No shade But no light Not right All light No Source Overloaded But loading All dark No dark Shapes but No colors Blinded Yet all seeing Deep Into the Recess The recess Not a break And yet It is A crack Not a reprieve No This break Upends Paradigms Light darkens Dark illuminates White is […]

Fear Grows

Can you feel it? It’s getting near Can you see it? Taste the fear? Footsteps Growing nearer With the gaze. Of a searer He is gaining Ever so slowly On this dark road You and he only Your hackles rise You break into a sweat you imagine fingers Around your neck The air becomes thick […]

Flash Thru

Crack in The darkness That light In the dark Burning Yearning Clawing thru To defy The dark And dispell The doom A hopeless Task Never to succeed In bring ing Light Returning sight No Never to be More than A nightlight A hope Nothing more Futile Incessant Hope With no promise Just eternal darkness Dimly […]

Well Said Oppy, Well Said.

Couldn’t have said it better myself Oppy. A more timely statement would be hard to come by. You have performed admirably, and deserve the rest you have come to. Rest, dear Oppy…. The Sun will rise again….. and Oppy will be there. #oppy #jobwelldone #faretheewell

The Light Streaking

The light The light Streaking Seeking It’s tendrils Insistently stretch Seeking The dark And all that Hides within Stripping away The comfort The softening The blurring Of the edges That shadows provide The small And insignificant Un noticeable In the dark Imperfection Is laid bare Exposed Magnified even Driving to oblivion The comfort Of the […]