Sanctity Of Human Life?

No technically speaking I don’t buy into the sanctity of human life idea. It implies that human life is more important than other life. Sanctity of life might be a problem worth trying to follow up on, but I don’t think humans deserve any sort of special privilege really. I mean the lives Of those […]

Bloody Tree Of Freedom

Why must the tree Of freedom Be nourished By the blood Of the righteous Why isnt the blood of tyrants Enough? Why righteous blood Required aswell Why isnt Simply wanting What is right Enough? Why must they Be willing To die? what perversion Is this? What universal force If there were one Would Require such […]

21 Days Old

I was 21 days old When they took him When the messenger Was slain 21 days old 21 days old 21 days old 21 days In a violent world 21 days 3 weeks 3 weeks Of viet nam Of protest songs Of tear gas And students Of panthers And hippies And college kids Bloodied by […]